‘The training pushed me to my limits, however, the instructors kept us going and created an amazing atmosphere for training.’ Usama, Local University.

Unlock your team’s potential with the Ultimate Team Building Programme – put your team through this dynamic test and improve the decision making, communication and trust within the team. Learn the fire service team work system of ‘Team, Task and Individual’ –  this allows them to achieve extraordinary results in extreme situations – ultimately saving peoples lives. You will see the the benefits of the system and how many of our delegates have applied the lessons in their own working life.

Course Information:

The Course:

We put your team through a series of mental and physical tests to specifically work on their trust, communication and decision making. An adrenalin-fueled experience for your team that they will remember for a long time to come.

Experience an unforgettable test of teamwork and determination as your team experiences the training exercises that real firefighters undertake.

Your team will learn the Fire Service’s model of teamwork (Team – Task – Individual) which allows them to achieve extraordinary results in extreme situations – ultimately saving lives.

Based at our purpose-built fire training centre in Washington and guided by real firefighters and instructors, the teams by working together will progress through a series of fast-paced, exciting, and engaging training tasks.

Typical Schedule (Hot Fire):

On the day the team of typically 10-16 people will be split into the Red Watch & Blue Watch to compete against each other over a series of mental and physical challenges.

Red Watch / Blue Watch & Safety Brief

Classroom Session: Team – Task – Individual
Kit Room
Task 1 – Cross the Yard
Task 2 – Mine Field
Task 3 – Hose Running Time Trial
Task 4 – Target Practice
Task 5 – Locate the Casualty
Task 6 – Hot Fire Rescue
Final Wrap Up – Feedback, prizes and certificates.

The focus for all activities is applying the fire service system to the team tasks and assessing how the team works, the individuals work and how well the task is completed – assessed by our experienced fire fighter instructors.

A schedule without hot fire is also available depending on the needs of your team.