‘Excellent instruction throughout with very knwoledgeable trainers, I will definitely be recommending the course on my return.’ Matt, UK FRS.


We operate a very popular RTCI course that is accredited through Skills for Justice, our instructors are operational watch managers from Tyne & Wear FRS and have extensive experience and knowledge. Our customers love this course – the current Net Promoter Score on this course is 94%. All of our trainers on this course have a teaching qualification as well as First Aid competence which adds to the learning experience.

Course Information:

Course Philosophy

This course is designed to provide delegates with the skills and knowledge required to deliver Road Traffic Collision (RTC) training.

Course Aim

On completion of the training, delegates will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to plan, prepare and implement RTC training scenarios.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the delegates will have developed both practical and theoretical
understanding in:
• OIC’s responsibilities at RTC’s (legislation)
• Glass management and stability techniques
• Casualty care, Longboard stretcher, cervical collar, airway management, mechanics of injuries and oxygen administration
• New vehicle technology and its impact on fire service extrication techniques
• Extrication techniques
• Instructional techniques

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course and having satisfied the aims and objectives, each delegate will have developed further skills, increased their knowledge and collated sufficient information to enable them to undertake the role of a Road Traffic Collision Instructor.

Assessment Objectives

The assessment process is designed to ensure the delegates provide an understanding of the relevant theoretical and practical knowledge as detailed within the subject objectives. There are two main objectives applied to the assessment methodology. Firstly, it enables the delegates to demonstrate their level of competence in the subject areas covered. Secondly, this demonstration validates the course content and methods of instruction.

Assessment Design

Assessments will take the form of continuous assessment. Each delegate will also be required to design and deliver a presentation on a skills area. The content of the medical module will be assessed by a practical moulage assessment.

Course Criteria

The course has been designed to introduce the delegates to all aspects of Road Traffic Collision Procedures and progress them onto Instructor level. Delegates attending the course should be physically fit. It is advisable that they should contact their doctor or occupational health department for a physical check-up, as this is a physically and mentally demanding course.

Tutor System

An informal tutoring system will be in use during this course. The aim of the tutoring system is to provide (or arrange) feedback, guidance and support for the delegates during their time at Barmston Mere Training Centre.


This course has been approved by Skills For Justice and successful delegates will receive a level 3 SFJ qualification on completion of the course.


10 Days

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