Impeller has the expertise to provide consultancy and assurance to support your organisation across areas including:

  • Strategic Planning and Business Assurance
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental Management (HSSE)
  • Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management
  • Emergency Response and Resilience
  • Project Management

Our support can be tailored to your needs. Whether you have a specific problem you require our experts to provide a solution for or need our support in facilitating a solution, we are here to help. We work with all types of organisations where they have complex, hi-risk operations to, secure and keep safe, managing multiple risks and stakeholder groups at the same time. We draw our resources from a high performing metropolitan fire service that responds to multiple risks and threats and responds to 14,000 incidents per annum.

Our experts combine a straightforward approach to develop intelligence led solutions for complex business challenges. We aim to unlock potential, support growth and innovation, and create long-term, sustainable impact.

We can help with various types of projects/requirements such as:

Large Complex Infrastructure Projects

Hi-Risk Petro-Chem Sites

Large Industrial Sites